TABT: Back to School Tip #1


I can’t believe it’s August. This summer flew by, but also felt really long. Do yall feel that way? Anyway, let’s get ready for back to school! I know most parents and teachers have mixed emotions about this time of year. After two months off, you might be ready to get back into a routine, but you know you’ll miss the summer freedom after about a month…I understand.

In the coming weeks, I’ll roll out tips and strategies to help prepare kids for the big transition. Today’s advice might seem like a no-brainer, but I think it’s really important and will lay the foundation for the rest of your back to school prep.

Before you read and panic: if you still have a camp session or family trip scheduled, that’s okay! Just start the routines as soon as you can.

So, here it is: start practicing the morning routine and get on your school year sleep schedule.

I know we all dread that morning hustle and those first days of school are so frantic. To ease that stress, start practicing now. When your kids get up, hop to it. Eat breakfast, get dressed (play clothes, another set of PJs, we just want to practice changing), brush teeth, get a bag ready, then go about your business. You can still have a lazy morning or, since you are ready, head to the park or zoo. We want to form habits when there is no pressure or stress. When you are stressed, they are stressed. When you rush, they don’t handle that very well…Starting now will help avoid fights and struggles when school actually starts.

I also suggest getting bedtime back to your school schedule. Many people relax bedtime during the summer. Which is great! There is fun to be had and with no pressure to get up and get going, why not! It’s going to take some time to get back on track though, so I want you to start inching your way back to school bedtime little by little. Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier every few days until you hit your target. Sleep is the foundation of good mental health and positive behavior. If you have a cranky, sleepy kiddo in the morning and you are trying to hustle out the door…meltdown city is your first destination.

As bedtime gets earlier, their wake up time should naturally be earlier as well. About a week before school starts, wake them up at school wake up time. Again, we want to form habits when there is no pressure or stress.