Take a Break with Amanda!

Presentations for Teachers

Let’s talk about social and emotional development in the preschool classroom. Amanda will provide information on how to promote strong social and emotional development, answer questions about challenging behavior, and help design the perfect “take a break” space or tote for your classrooms.

Presentations for Parents

Let’s talk about parenting challenges! Amanda will educate parents on brain development, offer guidance on how to support social and emotional development, and answer questions about parenting challenges.

Coffee Talks

Specifically for moms – Let’s get together and talk about the struggles of motherhood.

“Take a Break” Consultations

Let Amanda help you set up the ideal “take a break” space in your house or create the perfect “take a break” tote for when you are on the go. Amanda will provide information on the purpose of taking a break, help you choose appropriate supplies, and give strategies for incorporating breaks into your routine based on your child’s age and temperament.